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How To Lead Someone To Christ


1.       We are sinners.

a.       State the point: “The first thing we must know is that we are sinners.”

b.      Read Romans 3:10

c.       Read Romans 3:23

d.      Stress the word we. Then say “I know that I have sinned. Mr. Jones, do you realize you have sinned?”

2.       There is a penalty on our sin.

a.       State the point: “The second thing you must know is that there is a penalty on our sin.”

b.      Read Romans 5:12 pointing out Death.

c.       Read Romans 6:23a

d.      Then say “This does not just mean our body must someday die, but also our soul. The Bible speaks of a second death.

e.      Revelation 21:8b – Read the last half of the Scripture

f.        Then say “So we see that because we have sinned, if we received what we deserve, we would die and be sent to this lake of fire.

3.       Jesus Loved us so much that He paid the price of sin for us.

a.       State the point: “the  third thing that we must know is that Jesus Christ paid the price of sin for us.

b.      Read Romans 6:23 (ALL)

c.       Read Romans 5:8 stressing Christ died for us.

d.      “So we see that Jesus loved us so much that He died on the cross for us, so that we would not have to go to Hell.”

4.       You must put your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to save you.

a.       State the point: “All you must do to go to heaven is to put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

b.      Read Romans 10:9-10 and explain.

c.       Read Romans 10:13

d.      Close Bible with finger in Romans 10:13

e.      Give personal testimony reviewing the points as you do. “When I was a young man someone cared enough about me to show me how to go to heaven. I saw that day that I was a sinner. I deserved to go to hell because of my sin. I also saw that Jesus loved me so much and that he died on the cross for my sins. If I believe that He died, was buried, and rose again for my sins, I could be saved.

f.        Then say, “I bowed my head that day and said, “Dear Jesus, I know I have sinned and don’t deserve to go to heaven. But Lord, you died on the cross for me and I do now trust you as my personal Savior. Please save me and take me to Heaven when I die.” (Notice you have reviewed the 4 points in your prayer also.)

g.       Open Bible to Romans 10:13 pointing out the word whosoever and tell him Jesus wants to save him/her also.

h.      Then ask this question, “If Jesus Christ would be willing to save you just the way you are, if I would help you would you be willing to pray and ask Him to save you now?”

i.        If he/she says “yes” then bow your head and pray first, then ask him to pray in his own words and Christ to save him.

j.        If they are frightened or do not know how to pray, offer to led them in a prayer. Always be sure to stress that they must not just repeat the words that you say, but sincerely pray this prayer to God.

k.       After they pray, ask them if they sincerely meant what they said to shake your hand.



1.       Show them Romans 10:13 again.

2.       Ask, “according to God’s Word, because you have just called upon Christ to save you, are you a lost person or a saved person?

3.       Then ask, “If you died right now according to God’s Word,  would you go to heaven or hell?”

4.       When they say, “Heaven”, be genuinely excited for them. Make much of their salvation and stress that it is a day they need to always remember.